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Mommy and Me

(2 year olds)

This is a class for 2 and 3 year olds accompanied by a parent or guardian/adult. This class will focus on creative movement, balance, flexibility and gross motor skills. This is a fun, movement filled class and will include short dance routines.



(3 year olds)

Our Pre-Ballet classes are for 3 and 4 year olds experiencing their first year of dance.  Dancers will learn basic ballet steps and terminology and work on motor coordination skills, creative movement, musicality, rhythm and flexibility.  Dancers will learn simple dance routines and will perform in the annual Spring Recital held at the Mountain Arts Center in June.


Beginner Ballet/Tap

(Returning 4 year olds)

This class is designed for our returning 4 year olds who have had one year prior experience in a Pre-Ballet class.  Basic tap and ballet skills plus dance terminology are taught. Beginner Ballet/Tap classes offer an atmosphere of fun within discipline so the student can gain a sense of accomplishment as well as exploring their love of dance and music. 


 Beginner Jazz

(Returning 4 year olds)

Beginner Jazz Class introduces our returning pre-school age dancer to jazz dance.  The class will focus on rhythm, body isolations and flexibility.  The students will learn dance routines to fun, upbeat and age appropriate music.



(K - 5th Grade)

Ballet classes are a must for every serious dancer and are the foundation for all other dance styles offered at our studio.  Our ballet classes focus on ballet terminology, proper turnout, and proper body alignment and placement.  All Ballet students K-12 will perform in the "Nutcracker" in December and the Spring Recital in June both held at the Mountain Arts Center.



(6th Grade - 12th Grade)

Pointe is offered to advanced ballet students grades 6th and up by permission of the instructor only.  Once it has been determined that the dancer has the proper turnout and technique as well as the strength required for Pointe work they will be allowed to purchase shoes and begin work on toe.  Pointe class includes strengthening exercises at the barre and center as well as across the floor work and choreography.



(K - 12th Grade)

Our Jazz classes offer a fast paced hour including a stretch and warm up and learning dance routines including all the latest moves music from videos and radio.  Aside from standard American Jazz students will also be exposed to hip hop, lyrical jazz and Broadway jazz. They will also learn technical skills such as leaps, turns and jumps that will be incorporated into the choreography.  Jazz students perform for the Jenny Wiley Pioneer Festival in October and in the Spring Recital at the Mountain Arts Center.



(K-12th Grade)

Students in our Tap classes improve their rhythm and musicality while literally "making music" with their feet.  They will learn basic tap steps and terminology and learn fun. fast paced routines.  Tap students will perform in the Spring Recital at the Mountain Arts Center.



(K - 12th Grade)

Our technique classes focus on technical skills such as leaps, turns, jumps and other dance tricks.  This class will also emphasize increasing flexibility.  This is a great class for dancers interested in participating on one of the studio's Elite competition teams as well as for current team members who need to improve their technical skills.  This class does not do any performances and dancers must be enrolled in at least one other dance class at the studio before they can enroll in the Technique classes.


Hip Hop

(K - 8th Grade)

Hip Hop is a fast paced, high energy class that focuses on the street style dance that you see in many music videos and commercials today.  Hip Hop consists of muscle and body isolations and contractions.  It also consists of popping and locking movements and a lot of floor work and dance "tricks". 



(K - 12th Grade)

Lyrical Dance (also known as Contemporary Dance) is a combination of ballet, jazz plus modern and is performed to music with lyrics.  The lyrics of the song are the driving force for the inspiration of the movement.  Choreography is often emotional, gripping and usually tells a story.  Lyrical offers dancers the opportunities to not only perform choreography by to truly express themselves and tell a story through dance.


See Studio Policies for proper dress code for classes.